Here are some of the following testimonials of clients that have used a 52dozendonuts plan:

"I was an athlete for years, but due to an injury and a sedentary lifestyle I gained over 100 pounds. I was miserable, and unhappy, and made food my happy place. I decided I needed to make some changes, and started looking at all of the different ways of eating available. There were so many, and I was so unsure of what would work for me.  It was overwhelming, and I felt like I was trying everything to no avail. The scale was going up and down; I was getting frustrated and tired. Enter Ben at 52dozendonuts... he was so receptive and willing to answer any questions I had. Above all, he listened to my wants and needs and incorporated them into my plan. I’ve been through one diet plan with him, am 30 pounds down, and am EXCITED to start a new plan soon! The plans from 52dozendonuts are personalized, inexpensive, easy to use, and the service you get is second to none. Ben is kind, patient, and incredibly knowledgeable. If you have been on the fence about this, jump off and start your plan today. It could change your life. I know I’ll be using these services for the long haul. Sorry Ben, you’re stuck with me. "

Thanks again,

-Sherren C.



"I had hit a realization that I needed to make a fitness change so I approached Ben. I already had a personal trainer, so I only asked Ben for the diet. In the first 2-3 months, I had multiple people ask me "have you lost weight? You look like you've dropped some weight." 

I had dropped about 15-20 lbs, and I had to get new clothes for the first time in awhile, and it felt great.

After those first 3 months of just the diet, I dropped my personal trainer and switched to both Bens diet and workout plan. Ben was very accommodating for any requests I had (My gym was hit and miss with certain equipment) and very encouraging of my progress."  

-Sean B



"I came across Ben's Instagram through a friend who I played college football with. Being an o-line man, my goal was always to lose weight after my playing days were over. His profile definitely intrigued me, and it all started with me sending him an email asking him some questions. Since then, I've been using his programs close to a year now. With having two separate shoulder surgeries within the year, his diet/lifting programs definitely accommodated me trying to maintain my progress, even when I wasn't able to lift during these times. Also when I was slowly working weights back into my gym routine, he made programs that would benefit me. Since being on the program I've lost a total of 45 pounds. Every few months the diet is different and flexible, so eating is not a chore. You look forward to eating your next meal. The lifting programs are always a challenge so it's no walk in the park. The thing he offers is that he always gives you options and he's always there to answer any question posed.

-Jayson E.


"When I came to Ben, I was unsure of how much he could help me. I'd lost so much weight on my own but had been stalled for several years at my weight. I figured this was the best my body would be. But, when I reached out, I not only got an incredible workout plan that was tailored to my interests (Olympic lifting is a love of mine!), I also finally was shown proper nutrition and how to best tailor it to my specific goals. In just 2 weeks, I've lost 8lbs. My stomach is flattening out, my lovehandles are coming in, and my body is toning up all over. I am so pleased with my results and highly recommend contacting Ben! He listens to your likes and dislikes, helps you work towards your goals, and is able to adjust your plan as needed. I can't wait to finally have the body I've worked so hard to achieve!"

-Aaron M.


"I went to the doctor yesterday and knew that I'd have some news to tell you. The plans are still going great for me and actually I was down 10 lbs since my last drs visit a little over a month ago!!!! My blood pressure, which was normally very high and I take 4 pills to regulate it,  was a whole lot better, thankfully. My doctor actually wants to start taking me off of at least one of the meds I take very soon. I'm so excited about it and it's really all thanks to you and your plans for me. They're already changing my life for the better and I can't thank you enough."  

-Taren H.


"In just a short time of 1.5 months, I have noticed vast improvements in not only the way that I look but also the way that I feel. The first week of adapting to my new eating habits took some hard work but as the meal and workout plan entails, consistency is everything. I was so surprised to see the different foods that I was able to eat on a daily basis, foods that I never would have associated with a diet focused on leaning out. The meal plan does a fantastic job of planning out your entire day for you and categorizing foods into more or less suitable for different times of the day and different days of the week. Along with the meal plan, the physical training regimen was very thorough and detailed, yet very easy to understand and follow along. The explainer videos attached with the workout plan were very helpful if I was ever unsure of exactly how to perform a specific exercise. Overall, this plan has not only offered me guidance in my quest for well being, but it has taught me so much just by following along and striving to be great! I couldn’t recommend this program more for someone looking to improve the way they look, the way they feel, and the way they attack their biggest goals in life."

-Mike Z.


"Thank you for sending me meal and workout plans over the last few months. I have really noticed a changed in my body and my workouts. I have been training for a half marathon and when I first started training I could barely run a mile. I had been training for about 3 weeks prior to starting your meal plans. Once I started on your plan, I noticed within the first week that my runs were getting easier. They were still tough, but I felt like I had a little more left in the tank throughout my runs. I am running my very first half marathon this weekend and I know there would be no way I could have been ready for it without your help with my eating and workouts. I have tried all different kinds of meal plans and diets and yours has been hands the easiest to follow and maintain week in and week out. I love that you have taken the foods that I love and crave and incorporated them into my meals each week. I have friends and family asking me what I have been doing to lose weight and look better and they are all shocked when I tell them that I still get to eat Oreos and have a cheeseburger each week. Thank you again for all of your help and your weekly check-ins to make sure I am doing well. I know I wouldn't be where I am today physically and mentally without your help!"  
-Hunter S.
"Like everyone else at the beginning of the new year , I was also trying to get into the fitness routine. After being in college for 2 years, I found myself overwhelmed with not only school work, but finding an exercise regimen.
In February , I had decided to message Ben about meal plans, as well as workout plans and decided to give it a try. During the first week, I noticed a decent amount of energy. Also, that the meal plan was filling and not over bearing . Just like any other plan, you're required to have lean meats and vegetables. Ben helped to make this regimen a little easier, by adding one cheat meal a week and also adding in a couple sweets for snacks. I couldn't have been happier, because avoiding sugars was my downfall.
After completing a month of workouts and the meal plan, I saw results . I had lost weight and never had a problem with bloating , like I usually experienced everyday. With that, I noticed my workouts felt easier ,because I was actually fueling my body with what it needed.
Overall, I loved the meal plan and workout plan together . It was a relief that I never had to figure anything out on my own, because my whole month was planned out for me . I felt comfortable knowing that spending time working on myself would give me the results I wanted . I was so used to fad diets and only eating minimal calories that, this created a whole different way to view food. Needless to say, I ended up getting another personalized meal/ workout plan for the next month." 
-JoMarie B.
"I started this new this new journey/uphill climb with Ben at the beginning of January 2017. I have always enjoyed working out and have stayed active for a better part of my life be it sports or the gym. The working out part wasn't necessarily the challenge, it was the eating right that was difficult. I follow Ben on Instagram and admired his body. Even more so considering he is younger than I am and I wanted to make a big change with my body. So, I contacted Ben and 2 months later here I am. The plan entails both an eating and workout regime. Both come with their own difficulties and walls to get over, but it is great knowing what I need to do in order to get to where I want to be. Having my routine set out for me is a major help. Ben keeps the workouts different enough every week that I don't get bored. The meals are laid out for me as well so I know what and how to prepare them. The real challenge is with yourself. You do my best to stay focused and consistent. No one is around to tell you "no" or "push harder". That part is up to you. My intent was to add weight and eventually cut. I started at 212 and I'm now at 230. Now, it's time to start cutting and truly test my discipline. Ben is great and is always available for online support! He's knowledgeable and cares about you and getting you to where you want to be. Thanks Ben!!
-Isaiah I.
"I’ve always had a naturally thin body and this year I decided to make a change about that. I’ve been following Ben on Instagram for about a year and now and in the beginning of this year I decided to contact him. I knew I wanted to learn from Ben because his own workout and nutrition plans looked perfect for someone who doesn’t want to diet. That’s exactly what Ben provided me–a plan that suits what I want to eat. Getting bigger in size is not as easy as I thought. The workouts are tough, demanding, yet satisfying. I’ve been training with Ben for almost 2 months and I already get remarks on changes that I don’t see myself. Every week my lifts increase in weights and I feel extremely satisfied compared to when I first started. Everyday I’m learning and exploring the gym and whenever I have questions/concerns, Ben responds in a timely manner. I’m still at a beginner stage in my fitness journey and I can’t wait to see the changes in my body and strength with Ben’s help. Thanks!"
-Ben C.


"Everything is going great with my current plan. The meal plan is everything, as well as the workouts. It's been challenging balancing my new job and the workouts but I'll get there. I've seen huge results and so have my friends. Thank you so much!"

-Danny H.


"I started Ben's plan at 192 pounds. Like most people, I worked out somewhat regularly, but never payed much attention to my diet. I kept hearing how important it was to turn your diet and workout routine into a lifestyle. Again, like most people, I had no idea where to start. Ben created a plan that was great from the very beginning. I was worried that I may be hungry during the day because of changing my diet, but I never was. So amazingly, I began to lose weight just by making changes in the diet and following the meal plan. That's not all. Ben also introduced cardio into my workouts which seemed to help the weight fall off. My weight after just 28 days is 181 pounds. I look forward to the next 4 weeks and will aim to lose 10-15 pounds. Overall great program and completely tailored around what you want to accomplish."

-Ryan H.


"I started my diet and exercise program from 52dozendonuts on March 14th. I was starting to not fit into some of my clothes and wanted to tone up and lose an inch or two.
I measured myself before starting the plan. After ONLY TWO WEEKS of sticking to the plan, I started seeing results which helped me to stick with it.
Now after 4 weeks I have lost 2" in the chest, 1" around the ribs, 2" around my stomach, 1 1/2" around the waist, and ADDED 1" around the biceps.
I enjoy his plan because I am a chocoholic and enjoy chocolate desserts.  My plan was customized to allow me to enjoy a doughnut or a cookie pretty much everyday, so it is easier to stay on my plan."
Thanks so much!!!!!!!
-Jonathan H.



"When I started this journey one month ago. I wanted to focus on building my upper body and my legs and just feeling healthier. I didn't know what to expect. I had been on many different kinds of workout regimens in the past but never anything this intense yet flexible.

After the first week, I had already felt my body changing. Although I still struggle with how I look in the mirror, being in the gym and challenging myself each week has done wonders for my self-confidence and has me feeling much stronger.

Week 3 was when I found myself struggling the most. The workouts got much tougher and I struggled with balancing work and my workouts. Having Ben to turn to in my time of failure was just awesome. He was continuously supportive and didn't judge me or anything, just encouraged me to try harder next time.

Having someone in my corner that is extremely supportive and down to earth inspires me to be better at this journey each day. I can't wait to continue my journey and to continue seeing results."

-Michael H.


"I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was seven years old, so I have struggled with my weight for a long time. I have never been able to really stick to a diet long term, but I have been able to stick to this diet for almost a month now. The fact that I can eat “junk food” really helps me stay on track and feel satisfied, and I have lost around five lbs. I wasn’t sure about starting this diet in the summer with traveling, but it is possible, and Ben is always available to answer questions on meal substitution and what not."

-Alexis H.


"It all started with wanting to change my body and have abs before turning 30. I was recommended to do keto and not have a cheat meal for the first 30 days. Started to struggle towards my 3rd week but I kept seeing results so I kept going.
Dropped 30 lbs in 60 days (from 205lbs to 175lbs), got the abs I wanted, was finally 30 waist (from 34) but I felt so good that I kept going. Now I wanted muscles. I started to train harder, challenge myself at the gym, train with others, go twice a day. Body kept changing, muscles kept growing, vascularity starts to show, definitions as well but it wasnt just seeing how I was transforming in the mirror, it was more about how great I was feeling. Healthy, alive, productive, happy.
Then I found you (Ben) and got the balance of that lifestyle with the sweet things in life, donuts, cinnamon rolls, halo top😍. More educated now on how to balance the lifestyle, to continue to see progress and not deprive myself."
-Douglas L.
"The workouts help so much! I feel extremely confidant in myself now, I'm climbing Pikes Peak on Saturday and I wouldn't have been able to do it with out this plan. I appreciate all the help, I would not be able to climb this mountain if it wasn't the plans you created."
-Raven B.