starting a plan

Deciding to begin a new diet can be a daunting task. It is my job not only to create a plan that you will enjoy, but also one that compliments your food preferences.

Please take the time to read through what you can expect in all the plans as well as how each plan differs from each other. This ensures that you set yourself up for success before even beginning the first day.

What you can expect to receive following the purchase of a Meal Plan.

  • 4 weeks of completely planned meals
  • A plan constructed around a list of your favorite foods.
  • Numerous options from your favorite restaurants to avoid the constant battle of maintaining a diet while dining out.

 What you can expect to receive following the purchase of a Workout Plan.

  • 4 weeks of customized workouts (links included)
  • 6 days of planned lifts per week. (Each muscle group is worked twice a week.)
  • Suggestions for cardio that suit your personal preferences best.

Plans are created to compliment each other, however, they do not need to be purchased together. Depending on where you are at in your life, you may only need guidance in one particular area of your fitness lifestyle.

The main purpose of these plans is not only to assist you in the understanding of moderation, but also to teach you that food is not your enemy. You shouldn't have to feel guilty about enjoying the foods that provide you with happiness.

At the same time, the plan will also provide you with a sense of accountability. Following the purchase of a plan, I will personally check in with you via email on a weekly basis. Even if you have some trouble becoming acclimated to the plan, I will find a way to get you the results that you are after!

Prior to beginning the construction of a plan, clients are encouraged to provide the following information via email to :

  • Current Height & Weight
  • A List of Fitness Goals
  • A Detailed List of Their Favorite Foods (Most any foods can be included)

With this information, a plan can be made that is completely unique to you, your goals, & your eating habits. Not only does this assist in maintaining a high level of morale throughout the transition of a new daily routine, but also into a new lifestyle.

Once you feel that you are ready, simply send over an email to start the process. Following the reception of the payment, plans typically take between 3-5 days to complete, due to the large amount of customization, depending on the amount sold during that time.