Comprehensive Diet & Workout Plan
Comprehensive Diet & Workout Plan

Comprehensive Diet & Workout Plan

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Over the course of the last few years, I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds of individuals from all over the globe. This has given me valuable insight as to what is needed in order to sustain a new diet for an indefinite period of time. The plan is created not only to assist in achieving your short term goals, but also help client's gain the understanding of diet and exercise to continue making progress long after our work together.

Things to Expect with this Plan:

  • Learn how to enjoy your favorite foods on a daily basis in moderation.
  • Understand the importance of calories consumed vs. calories burned
  • Understand how to effectively track calories and macronutrients
  • Learn the process of building an effective workout plan
  • Utilize your time efficiently in order to achieve goals under a hectic schedule

To begin, each client will be interviewed following their purchase to gain further understanding of their current lifestyle. After your goals have been clearly established, client's are coached through a diet of their choice for a period of 4 weeks, regardless of their dieting background or history. This will be completed through scheduled phone calls or emails depending on the client's preferences.

Once the plan is purchased, you will be asked to send an email containing your phone number, height, weight, age, fitness goals, and favorite foods you'd like to include in the plan to Plans can be expected within 3-4 days following the reception of your information.