why i wear: aviator sunglasses

If you have been consistently reading the blog posts you may have taken notice of one particular trend in my choice of items relative to my style, they are all rather conservative, but functional, products. Rarely will I receive compliments on any specific piece I am wearing, but in my opinion, the finished created when pieces are placed together is both unique and refined.

I have been rather shy for all of my life. It is a rarity for me to go up and initiate a conversation with anyone. I commonly have trouble creating common ground with a newly introduced person, and although I am fairly articulate when it comes to writing, my vocabulary is often incredibly limited due to nervousness. Enter the sunglasses...

Benjamin Franklin comprised a list of 13 virtues for what he deemed as "Moral Perfection". Silence, is a virtue that resonated with me most. 

"Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation."

It is incredibly challenging for me to sit down with someone and talk about the weather, sports, or other topics that, in my eyes, are outside of our control. I'm not saying they are not interesting topics, but rather the actual task of getting through a conversation where neither party walks away with any useful information relative to our everyday life is again, very challenging for me.

Situations where I am with people where they go into depth about topics they are truly opinionated or passionate about are much easier for me. Although I may not contribute much dialog into a conversation, I do my best to value everything that individual may say, a task made much easier behind the comfort of a pair of blacked out sunglasses.

One may argue that this creates a situation that is less intimate...and that may be temporarily true. Although I may not openly express a significant amount of emotion initially, the additional comfort created by a pair of sunglasses allows me to be more present in the conversation. This creates an environment where I am better remembering the little details and mannerisms that matter most in conversation. The things that create lasting relationships over the course of time. When you remember the person takes their coffee a certain way, has a favorite quote, or a particular morning routine it is meaningful.

Aviators have been an essential in my style for the better part of the last decade. Their primary function: to create a sense of comfort when communicating with others. When putting on a pair of sunglasses there is instantly a sense of relief due to the censoring of anxiety that I have when communicating with others. It's essentially a social safety net. An inanimate object that allows me to project confidence.




  • Ben Tomasek

    Thank you for taking the time to read the blog post. Although I am somewhat hesitant to share some of these blogs posts because they are so revealing, I hope that some of the readers find comfort in having similar life experiences.
    All the best,

  • Jorden

    I never would have guessed this reason. I enjoy your writing very much, thank you for sharing.

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