why I choose to eat pizza lately.

I go through phases of favorite foods incredibly often. Once I find a new food that I really enjoy and is readily available, you can pretty much guarantee that I will begin to center my day's worth of eating around it.

In this particular case, I was at the local grocery store looking for a bite to eat when a voice came over the intercom announcing the deal of $1 slices after 8pm. I am most certainly not a person who turns down a great deal when presented the opportunity. I made my way to the pizza/sandwich counter and purchased an entire pizza for $5.

How I Eat Around Pizza

Buying an entire pizza forced me to fit it into the diet for the next 3 days. Due to the amount of calories per slice of pizza, I am limited to eating lightly throughout the rest of the day. This is the sacrifice needed in order to accommodate an estimated 600 calorie lunch.

Here is a breakdown of yesterday's (and most likely today's) full day of eating:

Breakfast (7:00 AM): As of lately, I have developed a new found love for chocolate lucky charms. For the past several months I have been obsessed with oatmeal with both chocolate protein and peanut butter mixed in, but I decided to switch to a lighter alternative in order to stock pile some calories for lunch.

My day started with 3.5 servings of Chocolate Lucky Charms with 2 Servings of Protein, mixed with water, and poured overtop of it. I ate this around 7 am, and it may be a hefty breakfast to some, but it was my only meal until around 11am. The lack of peanut butter in the morning provides wiggle room for me to eat more dietary fat during another meal. In this case, it will be provided by the pizza for lunch.

Snack (11:00 AM): I was a bit hungry and feeling the need for a cup of coffee around 11am for I decided to enjoy a fit crunch bar. It is one of the only protein bars in which I can stomach the texture of and becomes even more tolerable when melted in a cup of black coffee.

Lunch (2:00 PM): Here is the moment we have all been waiting for...the Za. I prefer my thin crust/Sicilian style pie resurrected and piping hot, while I prefer Chicago deep dish cold for breakfast. After tossing 2 slices on the pizza stone in a ripping hot oven for a few minutes, I enjoyed them with a few large glasses of water.

I currently use the popular Chicago-Based pizza restaurant that goes by the name of Connies as an estimation for my pizza. Although their pizza is cut pie-style, it is relatively close to the same size/weight as the za I got from the grocery store. Just to ensure I am staying in a caloric deficit, I kept an extra 100 calories to the side at the end of the day.

Dinner (6:00 PM): Making use for the residual heat of the oven, I tossed in a few sweet potatoes for dinner and let them cook for indefinitely. The other local grocery store (in competition which the Za grocery store) has a great Monday special for Grilled Chicken. The Chicken paired with a medium-sized sweet potato topped with some cinnamon, salt, and peanut butter was a solid pre-workout meal. Occasionally, I'll skip the peanut butter and substitute it for dressing for a side salad.

Snack (10:00 PM): More often than not, I will go to bed following the gym and a shower, but if I'm really hungry I have 1-2 chocolate rice cakes. It is an easy way to get the most satisfaction out of 100 calories at the end of the day.

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