why self assessment is so important

Starting a new fitness journey is something that all of us can do. You may find yourself feeling exempt from such a statement, but I ask you to think about the premise of a "fitness journey" in a new perspective.

A journey cannot be deemed as such without the inclusion of a destination. Before any kind of diet or workout routine is begun, there has to be an end goal in mind. For many of us, we'd simply like to look a bit more "toned" or "drop a few pounds from the mid-section". While both are completely reasonable and attainable goals, it leaves a lot of room for error....too much room.

Before I begin the annual summer trim, I take time to analyze previous photos I have taken and ask myself why I enjoyed having such a physique and where I could make possible improvements. Getting down to an exact idea of where I want to be as well as a timeframe has provided myself with a good amount of success over the years.

Now for those off you who previously felt exempt from beginning a NEW fitness journey, why did you feel that way? Before you answer think of this scenario:

There is usually a core group of members who consistently attend the gym on a regular basis, but how do they utilize their time?

Of those members that regularly attend the gym, the harsh reality is that many of them have been on the same fitness journey for the better part of their time spent there. It has become more of a routine than a challenge. These individuals often find themselves wondering why they are not seeing the results they want, but it is evident that they have not tried any alternative routes to change their fitness journey. They are just going through the motions for the sake of it.

Taking the time to assess if you're still making progress on your fitness journey or if you stalled out and need to begin a new one is a crucial aspect of continuing to challenge yourself on a daily basis. You may potentially find new interests within your time in the gym as well. Without self-assessment continuous growth is impossible.



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