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One thing I've tried to embrace throughout my life is having multiple perspectives regarding any information that I am researching. I have read a fair amount of books, articles, blog posts, etc. that have been very interesting, yet it was difficult for me to relate to. In no way does that discredit the information they provided me, it just means that I have different preferences when it comes to that specific topic.

Upon creating this blog, I never wanted it to be a place where only one perspective was showcased in terms of what I believe is effective and not effective when beginning/maintaining a fitness journey. I want this to be a place where multiple sources of information can be found in order to create an atmosphere that is beneficial to all.

I know I don't have all the answers, and that my dieting tactics cannot be universally applied to every person that encounters my social media or website...and that's okay with me. I will continue to write these blog posts to offer my perspective on commonly requested topics, but at the same time, you can expect posts from various other fitness personalities, each with their own unique take on what fitness means to them, why they enjoy it, tips & tricks, etc.

I personally feel that this will create a community that will provide a greater deal of information that I could ever provide on my own. I am fully committed to posting articles that may even rival previous posts that I have made in order to give readers the opportunity to choose which is most beneficial to them. In my eyes, that is the only true way to ensure that those who read the posts are provided with the upmost best scenario for reaching their personal fitness goals.

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