The Basic Principles of Dieting "Consistency"

Whenever I am asked about my diet, however unorthodox it may be, my reply is always the same... consistency.

If there is one way to become better at any one hobby or skill, it is to consistently practice it over the course of an extended period of time. When it comes down to it, dieting is a skill. In my experience, the more that I have consistently dialed in my diet, the more flexible I became in terms of maintaining it in nearly any situation.

The thing about dieting in which I admire the most is that it tells no lies. Just as any law, you can only bend the rules for so long before they catch up to you. You can only out train a bad diet for so long before you start to see the negative changes in your physique. Diets do not listen to excuses, they only expose your inconsistencies.

However, if there is one trait that diets all hold, it is that they are fair. They do not require perfection, only effort and dedication. Once you begin to put in the hours day after day, week after week, you begin to reap the rewards of your restrain toward eating additional food. Those that constantly cheat are punished.

Consistency is often a task that is easier said than done, and it is fueled by one primary aspect, the motivation to change. Anyone can be motivated now and then. They can talk with someone who has a positive transformation in their life, see how their favorite actor or actress looks in a lead role, or simply wake up with the ambition to conquer their dream physique. It is those that find ways to overcome the "rough" days and stick to their goals without compensating or wallowing in the day's misfortune that find themselves enjoying the success of their diets.

Once a consistent diet is established, it is easier for it to become an internalized norm. You may find it virtuous and fulfilling to maintain a streak of days in which you have followed your diet with very few mistakes. This phenomenon begins the transition from a diet into a healthy lifestyle. This should be the end goal of every individual seeking a complete change in their physique.

With all of the following said, one must keep in mind the importance of balance. An individual that diets for the majority of the time and indulges in the occasionally "cheat meal" is still practicing consistency. A tight rope that we all must walk when adapting into a lifestyle is knowing when to indulge and when to refrain from temptation.

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