my gym playlist. (limited to 5 albums)

My musical preferences are..well...incredibly diverse. My taste in music ranges from classic rock, to hip/hop, to electronic, to blues. I consistently feel the need to fill every moment of my life with a suitable track for the occasion. I'm currently listening to songs accurately themed around writing this blog post, but let's not get off track. Here is my gym playlist (in no particular order) if i was somehow stranded on a desert island and limited to listening to 5 albums.

1) BLACK SABBATH "Reunion"

I feel like this album accurately represents the pure aggression I try to enter every corny as that sounds. Even though the band was getting up in age in 1997, they still deliver one of the better live recordings that I have heard to date (in my honest opinion). Apart from the dark tones and tight timing of the band, the real reasoning as to why I chose to add this album to the list is the pure enthusiasm shared by both the crowd and front man Ozzy Osbourne.

Go-to Tracks:

-War Pigs

-Children of the Grave

-Into the Void

2) MGMT "Oracular Spectacular"

MGMT's debut album seems to be one of those albums that nearly anyone can relate to. From my understanding, the duo created this album as almost a mockery of the music industry. However, you cannot deny the catchiness of the three most famous tracks the band has ever produced. "Kids","Time to Pretend", and "Electric Feel" are all songs that can be played over just about any situation and make it feel just a little more special/tolerable. Although the band has decided to go in a bit more obscure route with their music, I still appreciate their temporary entrance into mainstream music.

Go-to Tracks (Re-listed):


-Electric Feel

-Time to Pretend

3) THE WHO "Live at Leeds"

My workouts tend to be fairly chaotic in a sense that I walk into the gym with a general sense of what muscle group I am going to lift, but I very seldom know what exercises, sets, or reps I'll be doing. If there is an album that oozes a sense of "controlled chaos", this has to be the one. The Who begins the concert with an end goal of putting on a quality show, but there seems to be little sense of direction, in the best way possible. At times, it feels like to band is testing the boundaries between being completely in sync with one another, and at others obvious musical mistakes that risk the entire song falling off of the rails. The raw approach to not knowing exactly where I'm going or what I'll be doing after a certain lift accompanied with an the consistent selection of challenging exercises that often result in failed sets and pure exhaustion is why I can relate to such a wild ride of an album.

Go-to Tracks:

-Magic Bus

-Young Man Blues

-My Generations

4) N.W.A "Straight Outta Compton"

An album that has been in my musical repertoire since my high school days. So much so, that one of my freshman college papers was written about the choice to add the radio-friendly track "Express Yourself" onto the album with the exclusion of bandmate Eazy-E. With the exception of said track, the group manages to create an album that accurately depicts an unfiltered perspective that commonly held throughout the nation during the late 1980's. The thing that made the songs so attractive was simply because they were believable.

Go-to Tracks:

-Straight Outta Compton

-Fuck Tha Police

-Express Yourself

5) JUSTICE "†"

One of the most commonly played groups on my iPod has to be Justice. In all honesty, it's more like background music to me. There are rarely any lyrics to focus on, no deeper meaning to the distractions. It is just intense music. When I am in the gym that's really all I want. Dedicate 45 minutes-1 hour of my day the gym, limit the distractions, and get it over with. I don't have a very deep philosophy relative to my daily fitness routine, and I don't necessarily find the need to have a deep personal connection with my gym playlist harsh as that may sound. Each track Justice creates is usually fairly long, it makes the task of finding an aggressive track to crank out a few more squats or deadlifts to a bit easier for me.

Go-to Tracks:


-Waters of Nazareth


There you have it. My most commonly listened to albums on my iPod. (I typically don't carry my phone while I'm actually lifting guessed distractions.) You can expect a more in-depth track list in the near future, but I thought I would give you a bit more of a general idea as to what I like to workout to before we got specific.

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