Knowing What Diets & Gym Routines Work For You

Knowing What Diets & Gym Routines Work For You

It works for them, why not me?

There is an overload of information today when it comes to dieting & exercise. Just because you may hope to have a physique that resembles one of your favorite influences, does that mean their routine will necessarily work for you? Here is a mental checklist to look over before beginning your next big push at starting a new diet, or maybe even just a few tips to optimize your routine.

Food Choices & Dieting Responsibility

Just because dieting is the most important aspect of transforming your physique, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are limited to eating foods that you commonly associate with fitness icons that you may know of in the media. I've said it a numerous times before, a successful diet is one that is most compatible with your lifestyle & food preferences. There is endless ways to structure a diet. An optimal diet is one that works with your taste preferences, time schedule, & cooking limitations. 

If I was a college student living in a dorm, it would be irrational of me to think that I could make & store fully prepared meals using only a microwave & a mini fridge. That is not to say that dieting is infeasible in that situation. I would simply need to work with the options that are available to me. Making sure I was aware of the restaurant options, cafeteria meal schedules, & having a large array of foods that are readily available are all steps that provide that best chances of success.

This all refers toward the responsibility that comes along with dieting. Many of us only take into the consideration the responsibility of actually following a diet & refraining from giving into the temptations of straying from it. When in reality, the most important factor of limiting temptation is planning & preparation. Having a general idea of where you're going to be, the amount of time you will have to eat/cook/purchase food, as well as the times of the day you feel you'd be most likely to enjoy the food is all crucial information that you must know going into a diet. In truth, your schedule & the schedule of your favorite media physique are more than likely going to have different time constraints. Be honest with yourself & know how limited your daily schedule is. Ask yourself, "What can be moved around & what has a necessary timeframe within my day?"

Optimal Exercising Routines 

The way that we exercise is often a direct correlation with what we find to be the most enjoyable. Those who do not prefer to run in the early mornings, grind in late night gym sessions, or be enrolled in regular yoga classes are most likely to fall out of routine not because it is ineffective, but because it is not compatible with them.

In my case, I embark on early morning runs simply for that fact that there little traffic, it is quiet, & it is an efficient way for me to "wake up". In other words, it is something that I enjoy. Therefore, I feel more inclined to wake up early to fit it into my daily schedule. If this were not the case, which it has been for many other attempts at morning routines, I found myself hitting the snooze more often than not.

We all face different scheduling demands. This is life. Going into a new routine & expecting to maintain it just as someone else may not always be as easy as it seems. However, efficiently planning out your day to accommodate pressing tasks can be performed by anyone. 

What is the Best Routine for Me?

After taking the time to think about what the best diet & exercise routine suits you best, the results should always answer the questions, "What would I enjoy most?".  This should not be confused with a question such as, "What would be the easiest route to take?". I say this because it's not going to be easy. Nothing in life worth working for is truly easy, yet it can be efficient &, most importantly, both enjoyable & rewarding.

Taking an extra moment to think over a potential or current diet/exercise routine in correlation to your current time & resources available will not only help you optimize the plan, it will always lead to a more enjoyable experience. Remember, there is a reason for the plethora of information available to us because there is no one true way to achieve our physique goals. It has been accomplished on the most demanding of schedules & the most limited of resources. Plan ahead!


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