how 52dozendonuts began

I am not the most outgoing of people. Ironically, with the Instagram following that I have created, it has opened up various opportunities to attend events, start projects, & meet all sorts of interesting people. Thus leading me to have to maneuver my way through the dreaded first introduction. This conversation between myself and people that are substantially cooler and more important than I am ultimately comes down to the questions of..."How did you come up with the name 52dozendonuts?"

I admit, the name itself begs such a question. At the time it was created, I never imagined that I would have to explain it on so many different occasions but, alas, it has become a near daily part of my life.

Rewinding back to around 2013, I was just a washed up ex-college athlete looking to lose some unwanted weight. (Now I'm just a washed up ex-college athlete.) I started to string together several successful weeks of strict diet & exercise, & needless to say, my weight loss journey was coming along quite nicely.

Throughout this weight loss, I had encountered many situations where my strict diet prevented me from "enjoying" myself, or so my friends & family insisted. This led me to develop a sense of contempt toward their judgement of my dietary practices. Thus began the thought process of a diet based solely on sarcasm. I would continue to lose weight while eating a dozen donuts a week for a year (or a feat equally as outrageous.) 52 weeks in a year = 52 dozen donuts.

I can remember the first week rather vividly. I lowered my daily calories drastically in order to compensate for the feast that would occur at the end of the week, more specifically, on Friday night. The plan: 1 dozen donuts from Tim Hortons in Morgantown, WV. I'm sure it could've been easier spreading the donuts over the course of the week, a strategy I now practice, but I thought that it may lose a bit of the "shock factor" of eating them in one sitting. Remember, the goal was maximum sarcasm.

**(I have no affiliation with the brand Tim Hortons, but am open to opportunities. By the off-chance Tim Horton is reading this, let's do business.)**

Friday finally rolled along following a difficult stretch of surviving on limited calories. I woke up, ground in the gym, went to class, then hit up Tim Hortons on the way home for a fresh box of donuts. At the time, I hadn't eaten a donut in many years. Not that I forbid myself from eating them, I just never considered them as a viable breakfast option. I was also convinced that very few normal people made the decision the eat a donut after 11 AM...but there I was, alone in my apartment living room with a box of donuts on a Friday night.

Of course eating the donuts was not enough. This had to be documented. Thus the creation of the Instagram account "Tomasacapuntas". (The backstory for that account's name is a completely different blog post...& no I am not hispanic.)  The premise of the page was simple. Document all of the outrageous foods I eat while losing weight. This in turn basically made the Instagram account a food page, but you have to remember, this was 2013. Such a concept of a food page on Instagram was in its infant stages. I was probably the first person to ever post a picture of food on Instagram.

Moving on the second week, I decided I needed more shock factor. You can't just post the same picture twice in a row on Instagram and expect people to be equally as amazed. You have to up the ante. I chose to eat a dozen donuts AND....four large Dairy Queen Blizzards. To be fair, this really didn't take all that much thought due to the fact that the two stores were butted up directly next to each other. I walked in Tim Hortons, walked out, & walked right into Dairy Queen.

This time I experienced "the wall". I could not possibly eat another bite of food following the assault on my taste buds. I knew that I would have to make an effort to voyage away from Morgantown to seek out more exotic foods for my weekly "refeed", or I would have to be more creative in the kitchen.

Throughout the remaining 3 years of my college experience, I made an effort to travel to as many interesting food locations as I could each weekend. I also made a constant effort of ridding the local grocery store of any unwanted clearance desserts & creating them into things like pancakes literally made out of shredded cinnamon rolls.

Toward the end of my final year of college, followers of my Instagram had been become more interested in my physique/beard I was growing than the food I had been posting. Many followed the page's transition from Tomasacapuntas to Tomasacapotatoes, then finally to 52dozendonuts. A name that was years in the making.

Today, I still continue to enjoy donuts regularly, but to be honest, the long history of eating large quantities of them in one sitting has burnt out my desire to eat them as frequently. Many of the calories that were once set aside for donuts are used by things like burgers & fries, pizza, sushi, etc. Regardless, I never thought in my wildest dreams that people would find my journey interesting. If you are reading this and follow me on social media, I truly appreciate it.

All the Best,

-Ben Tomasek




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    Love you buddy. Awesome body and handsome man. Ever in Palm Springs? Sports massage (pro) for free anytime. Love your posts and pictures.

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