Finding Motivation: "Who is to Blame?"

Who is to Blame?

If you happen to follow me on social media, specifically Instagram, you may have heard that my account was recently disabled. While losing a social media account may not seem like an issue that many people would find incredibly concerning, it happens to play a large role in how my business is performing. At the time that it happened, I was upset with the situation, but at the same time, I had to be honest with myself...Who was to blame for this unfortunate predicament?

The answer is simple, ME. Regardless what kind of technological malfunction, hacking, or violated term may have happened, I was still the one who took the risk of creating an account knowing that a situation like this may happen, however small of a chance it may have been. I had no issues with holding myself accountable for taking that risk.

If there is one thing that chasing a quality physique can teach us, it is this...You are accountable for your actions. There are few things in life that have such an immediate display of decision making quite like dieting and exercise. There is nothing/no one else in the equation other than you to blame if you do not get the results you are looking for.

Your physique doesn't care how long or hard you had previously dieted for. It doesn't care about the long run you did last week. It only cares about two things: what are you doing right now, and what will you be doing in the future? The quality of your physique, as well as just about every important aspect of your life, can be traced back to these two questions ...What are you doing today to make improvements, and how can you ensure tomorrow that you will be doing the same?

Now since social media has a direct correlation as to how many meal and workout plans/merchandise I sell, you can best believe I am consistently trying to expand my platform in an effort to grow the brand. However, during the time in which I have grown the brand, I slowly started to load all of my eggs into one basket. A basket called Instagram.

Instagram is by far my largest platform on social media. It doesn't even come close between my other outlet (Snapchat & Twitter). Any rational person could have taken the time and thought.."Hmmmm...if I lose this Instagram account today, won't my business suffer immensely?" The obvious answer is "YES!", but ironically after just writing an article about being prepared, I lost my account for an unknown reason.

Success is a result of balance. A great physique cannot be built without proper rest and nutrition. You can spend hours upon hours in the the gym, but without balance, your efforts become worthless. You can even go as far to have a perfect day of eating, exercising, and proper rest, but without any incentive to continue your successful behavior, your likelihood of success significantly diminishes.

It just so happened that I spent hours upon hours planning on growing the brand one day at a time, with no concern for the future. Although the consistent value I added to the brand began to show through my sales, I was left with a ticking time bomb. I had become blind to the bigger picture.

The only person that could be left accountable was me. The employees of Instagram had no say in whether I planned ahead. Why should they be to blame in a situation that they may not even be responsible for? It would be incredibly easy for me to pass the blame onto someone who I didn't even know, but then there would be no lesson learned. I would continue focusing on just one day at a time, relying on others to decide the fate of my future.

When you're caught up in an intensive project/change in life, it is easy to find yourself becoming more irrational over time. That is perfectly normal. Simply ensure that you take a moment to check which direction you are going. Is it a path that can lead you to your goals and aspirations, or is it one that has the potential for errors and disasters?..because when things go wrong, more often than not, you are the one responsible for those mistakes.



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