beginning my first transformation (Part: 1)

"I would like to build muscle and lose fat."

This seems to be the primary fitness goal of the vast majority of the Earth's population. When I turned 15-16 years old, I shared that same desire. I decided that I wanted to make a change in my physique for no other reason that to impress girls. My communication skills were and have always been subpar. I wanted a body that would do the talking for me.

My starting point, a mushy 220 pound adolescent frame that was built from a strict routine of getting home from school, grabbing a plethora of snacks, and sitting in front of the television for hours. I was still fairly involved in sports through the end of grade school and early high school, but I wasn't entirely active following the conclusion of a practice or game.

Beginning a fitness routine was much more daunting than I had expected. This was during the mid-2000's, so I was lucky enough for my Dad to become caught in the midst of the informercial sensation that was the Bowflex. Following the purchase of this prestigious machine, is became much more of a clothes hanger than a form of exercise equipment.

Regardless of the variety of equipment I had, as well as the short height of the basement where the Bowflex was located, every afternoon following school I would go through the chart of exercises that was printed on the official Bowflex poster hung next to the machine. I figured it was a start.

My diet.....was nonexistent. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing so I went by one single principle: Eat less calories. I figured something had to give eventually, and it did.

Over the course of my sophomore year of high school, I went from 220 pounds to 185 pounds. My confidence skyrocketed to the point that I went through a very awkward tight shirt phase in high school. (No need to dive into the details.) None the less, I was very satisfied with my results.

Going into my junior year of high school, I was then faced with another reason to change my Both my freshman and sophomore years of playing football I was a decent sized kid for my age, but once I lost the weight that had benefitted me while playing football I became a fairly undersized football player.

In short, I rode the bench my junior year of high school football. This was something that I had not experienced in my entire football career. Thus began the desire to make another drastic change.

(tomorrows's blog post.)

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  • Bradley

    I remember thinking the same thing" I want my body to do the talking for me" hell, I still feel this way. I never seemed to be motivated enough to make the changes I needed to though! I focused so much on weight loss for the longest and not enough on actually changing my body overall! Football helped me too though, the training period before school starts was sort of my introduction to weight lifting… I actually built a nice foundation during that time but then it was encompassed with fat and here I am today looking like a retired football player because I never pushed myself enough to get a more “cut” look to my physique… anyway, i need to get my shit together.. this helped though! Also you’re a great writer !

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